Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hit and run tantrums

About 8 years ago, my house got hit by a car.

Yes, you heard me. My house got hit by a car. It wasn't just your normal vehicular assault either. It was a hit and run. Some drunk slid on a patch of ice, slammed into the back of our house, then took off before we could recover from the shock and realize what had happened. If it had happened a half hour later, my boys would have been covered in glass. As it was, their bunk bed was broken and it took quite a bit to repair the damage.

Honestly, it turned out to be a not so bad thing. Our insurance company cut us a check for the estimated repairs and, since we had built the house ourselves, we fixed it ourselves and got the supplies at wholesale. I think we came out about $1000 ahead.

Plus, we get the privilege of telling people that our house got hit by a car, which is pretty fun to say.

I wonder sometimes about the idiot who hit it. Does he (I assume it was a man, and I'd rather not explain why) walk around telling people "I hit a house with my car once. I thought it would be a fair fight. Turns out, the house was much tougher than it looked."

On another note, I've decided it's time for me to resort to throwing fits. My four year old does it. Why can't I?

So next time Wren won't go in and make me mashed potatoes with cheese, or tells me that I HAVE to wake up because I'm sleeping all day, I'm just going to throw myself down on the floor, kick my feet, and start screaming and crying. I really think it will work. I think he'll be so shocked and confused, that he'll give me what I want. Hell, with how loud I can scream, he'll probably promise to erect a statue in my honor out on the front lawn just to stop the madness.

Yep. It's the Terrible Thirty-Threes for me.

Oh, and no, I won't be doing videos of me throwing fits. I'd hate to tarnish my image.

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  1. Either the statue or he will take you to Holy Family for some serious checking out.

    That could work in your favor, though, as hospitals tend to let people sleep a lot. hmmm...