Saturday, March 7, 2009

Laundry and bathrooms

I was all set to post a blog today. Did a quick video blog at the laundromat and I was planning to come home and blog a bit. But that was hours ago, before I drove all over town and back, and now I'm just tired and mildly cranky. Oh, I really WANT to post a blog. I'm just not in the mood. So I decided I'd just start typing and let my mood catch up with my desire. Sounds good, right?

At the laundromat, they have a play area for kids. Of course, I wasn't insane enough to bring kids to the laundromat with me. That's why I have teenagers. Built-in babysitters. But the play area is nice looking and I found myself thinking that Boogie would probably love to spend a Saturday afternoon there playing on the toys. It's like an indoor playground. I couldn't help but notice the sign posted there, though.

Play in play area at your own risk

What? Do they have snakes roaming around under the slide? Is there a giant Puma lurking behind the toys just waiting to grab little kids, drag them back home and have them for supper? Or perhaps it isn't anything as menacing as that. Maybe they've just buttered up the slide so the attendant can get her laughs in as she watches little kids slide down and bash their heads on the linoleum floor.

There was another sign above a sink that I noticed as Wren was tying his shoes.

Please clean this sink when you're finished

I informed Wren that apparently he can make a big mess in the sink and leave it, but if I use it, I have to clean it. I mean, I'm sure that the majority of people who go to the laundromat are female. We all know most men don't do laundry. They just wear their clothes until they become too stiff to conform to their bodies anymore, then throw them out and buy new ones. That, or they have their wives or mothers do their laundry for them. But come on. As jaded as I am, even I know that there ARE men out there who do their own laundry, and even take time out of their day to sit at the laundromat to get it done.

On another note, I realized something today. Ok, maybe saying I realized this today makes me sound like an idiot, so perhaps instead I'll say "I was thinking about something today that I realized a long ass time ago." Yeah, that sounds better.

One bathroom for 8 people just doesn't cut it. We have another bathroom downstairs but it's currently out of order. And until I get Wren to turn off WoW and go down and put another coat of sealant inside of the toilet tank, it's going to stay out of order. So, for now, we're making do with one bathroom.

It seems like every time me or Wren says "I gotta pee" the kids suddenly turn on their super-hearing power and rush in there ahead of us. We've discovered this a long time ago so we've taken to whispering it to each other. Doesn't work, they still hear it. Wren found out the other night that in this house all you have to do is THINK "bathroom" and somebody rushes in there before you ever make it. It's almost like you have to tell yourself that you're heading to the kitchen, then make a beeline for the bathroom.

I've always been a bathroom dresser. I get dressed in there, brush my hair in there, do my makeup in there. It feels like there's always somebody needing to use is, though, so lately I've started doing it ALL in my bedroom. But today I decided, since I had to pee anyway, I'd bring my makeup and brush into the bathroom and get ready for the day after I peed. I made it in there, put my stuff down and had just sat down on the toilet when Hunter pounded on the door and yelled "Are you almost done?" My response was a very loud, rather rude "No!" I managed to get halfway through my makeup before I had Katie, who spends longer in the bathroom than all of us combined, knocking on the door.

I'm thinking, since I've figured out how to do everything else from my bedroom, maybe I just need to buy a portable toilet and put it next to the bed and start using the hose in the backyard to bathe.

Or maybe I should just convince Wren that we need the downstairs toilet fixed.


  1. I'm SOOOOO with you on the too many bodies for one bathroom thing. We're seven sharing one bathroom in a 3-bedroom apt. I wonder do we REALLY need the kitchen sometimes. We could just grill on the balcony 365 days a year, right? Shop daily OR better yet, move the fridge into the living room. They stare into that thing almost as much as the tv. YEAH. I'm going to draw some blueprints! Love your blog!

  2. lol yeah... even with two though, everyone is too lazy to actually use the stairs. They'd rather spend all there time in front of the bathroom door downstairs.

    Also, the bathroom is like, their favorite place to be. If I announce, "I need to pee/caca, etc" then immediately Sabrina reaches for my hand, and Veronica follows.

    Dee announced the other day that when we go on vacation, it will be to a bathroom! :)