Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I guess I'll just stick to driving it

For a few years now, I've known I needed to get a small car. That need has become more apparent now with my kids being older and capable of staying home on their own. The majority of the time, it's only me and Wren in the car, and maybe a kid or two. It seems silly driving a mini-van around for only two or three people.

So in February, I paid off the van and I was planning to put a down payment on a car. But something held me back. I wasn't excited about the idea and I wanted to revel in having no car payment for awhile.

So April came around and school started back up and I figured I should probably set some money aside for a down payment on a car. I sat here for a month with that money in a box by my bed, in no big hurry to get a new car.

Until last Sunday when my ex showed up with his new car. Well, not NEW, but it was a CONVERTIBLE. I was annoyed. And jealous. He knows how much I've always wanted a convertible, and he never really cared about getting one. Not to mention, he was supposed to be keeping an eye out for a car for ME and instead he got it for himself.

It made me realize that for the first time in my life, I could go find a FUN car. Not a car that would seat more children. I already have the practical car. So off me and Wren went to the car lot on Tuesday and I bought my car. You know you love it:


Ok, maybe YOU don't love it because it's not yours. And yes, yes, I know it's not a convertible. But it's a t-top, which is better in many ways. Less wind to deal with. In the past, I'd look at a car like that and think "Yeah, it's a nice car." It's different when it belongs to you, though. All day I keep looking out the back window and admiring it. I told Wren I'm just so shocked that I have a car like that. So then he begins telling everybody on WoW that I'm surprised to have such a nice car, and I looked at him in shock. How dare he? He was ruining my illusion of glamour!!

How can I be this glamourous woman who drives a purple Firebird if he's walking around telling people how surprised I am that I own it? I mean, come on. I can't walk around with my head in the air and pretend it's normal for me to have a sleek, sporty car if everybody is whispering "That car is SO not her and she knows it!" behind my back.

But I admit it. I'm in love with my car. I'd totally have sex with it if I could. In fact, I'm thinking about turning those photos into posters that I can hang on my ceiling so I can masterbate to my car every night. Hell, I even had to go outside and do the sexy poses:


That would probably be MUCH more effective if I got somebody sexy to pose for them, huh? lol

Oh well. I love my car! I love my car! I love my car!

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