Friday, May 22, 2009

Throwback the Mountain Dew

Recently Pepsi decided to release "throwbacks". I guess they're supposed to be the old versions of our favorite soft drinks. All I know is, one day I found myself driving around town without my standard Mountain Dew bottle beside me. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't go anywhere without my best friend, dressed in all of its green glory. But see, I had driven my car to the car lot so they could replace the O2 censor and I left my pop in there while we ran around town in the van.

So I stopped at a gas station and sent Wren in to grab me a Dew. He carried it out and I quickly opened it and guzzled, sure I was dying of thirst since it had been a whole 20 minutes since I last tasted that citrusy yumminess. It was cold. It was wet. And it was all fine. Until I swallowed. Then I frantically searched the floor of the van for something sharp I could use to scrape the taste buds off of my tongue.

If you haven't tasted Pepsi's new Mountain Dew "throwback", don't. Just don't. It's disgusting. They say it's made with natural sugars. Tastes like Splenda to me, and let me tell you there is NOTHING natural about sugar-free sugar. That's like chocolate-free chocolate or a blue orange. Or like Carrot Top dying his hair black. Come on. That's just plain unnatural.

Seriously. If you ever find yourself with a "throwback", do what the bottle suggests. And if Wren ever buys me another one (because he's bought me at least 4 of them in the last week) (because he's a guy and doesn't look at the bottle) ("it's green" he says "that's all I noticed"), then he may find HIMSELF being thrown back. And if Pepsi continues producing this disgusting product and trying to disguise it as a "return to your youth" I may just have to track down the genuises who came up with this marketing scheme and forcefeed them sugar-free sugar, chocolate-free chocolate, blue oranges, AND Carrot Top.

Ok, I think I'm done bitching now.


  1. Can we throw back the coca-cola zero and the pepsi max while we're at it? They also taste like liquid barf in a can! And all the idiot
    vendors swear it's better than diet coke or pepsi. I think not! You are right on the money. I'm flashing back to NEW Coke and Max Headroom and how they eventually had to go back to coke classic. sometimes change is a BAD thing.